Monday, March 31, 2014

Spike the Guns!

I have joined Gallente Faction warfare and left the worm hole.  Having just moved inot a C5 a month ago this may come as a surprise.  However, the friends that pulled me into that corp left de to issues with the leasdership.  That story is a different one but I agree with their reasons for leaving and feel that it is sufficient evidence for me to leave as well.  After a brief period of looking I decided to try to join a corp led by fellow podcasters and community\y members, Kirith Kodachi of Broadcast from the Ninveah, Ashterothi of High Drag, and Marcel D. creator of the Aura app for android pones. 

I joined Aideron Robotics late on a Thursday night and had to immediately go to bed.  But my first weekend was a blast.  Frigates and destroyers are ship classes that I mostly overlooked in my Eve career.  This is mainly because I don’t pvp much, and because those two ship types aren’t  useful for very long in missions, especially if an older member of your corp is willing to take you along on level 2-4 missions.  But now that I’m in Faction Warfare (FW from here on)  it seems I will be almost exclusively flying these classes of ships.  This is great, as mastering these types of ships is essential for building a base in understanding PVP and reacting to situations.  Aideron Robotics does have corp fits of higher class of ships, however, for completing complexes in FW zones these are usually the best option due to the restrictions of the acceleration gates   Although I have previous dabbled in FW before, it was before the overhaul that occurred in Inferno, and I am enjoying learning about one of the last parts of eve I have not tried before.

TL:DR My walk about continues, I am out of the wormhole and into faction warfare \O/.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Becoming a Space Tuber

Moving In:

I have recently decided to switch corps in EVE and have Joined Resurrection Ventures of Un.Bound alliance.  So far its been pretty good.  My first 3 days all consisted of pvp which was a great introduction for someone wanting to learn pvp better.  The first day I raced 27 jumps to get to the new group who had just tackled an archon on a high-sec hole in  ac2.  Although I got there before the entrance collapsed it was crit and the Bhalgorn that was there was needed more, when it jumped in the hole collapsed.  I was able to listen to most of the 1 hr 22min fight on comms.  The bhalgorn made it in about 45 minutes into the fight.  We killed the Archon, a 1b Legion, 2 domi’s, 2 augorors and several other ships, 9 in total, and only lost the bait deimos in our 5-7 man gang that was in the fight.

The next day one of our scouts found to covetors mining,  I moved into position and our scout got tackle on both.  Myself, a HIC and another dps ship dropped  we killed both miners and their pods, one of which was ~1b isk and the other 200-300m we also blew up 4-5 jet cans full of ore probably worth a bit as well. 

The third fight was the most intense for me.  I was heading to the home hole from highsec, which required going through a C2 which I had been told was inactive.  However, when I jumped in there was a drake on D-scan.  I was already in warp to the exit when I mentioned it on comms.  I was told they had just killed a drake there 30 minutes before hand and were surprised to hear there was another.  I jumped into the C4 on the other side and refit for cloaked warping.  There were only 2 combat sites on scan, the first had several wrecks and rats but no drake, the other had only sleepers.  I warped back to the first site.  After about 2-3 minutes the drake showed up.  By this time a corp mate in a falcon was ready to jump in from highsec, and a dps loki from the c4 was on the c4 side of the c2-c4 worm hole waiting to jumps.  I had the falcon come into the c2 and warp to the site where the empty site at 100, and I warped there as well.  I knew the drake was within 10 of the beacon for the combat site, so I warped back at 10km and had the falcon aligned.  When I landed the drake was 8700m away from me, I had the loki jump and hold cloak.  I declocked primed my disruptor and started locking.  The drake started to align.  I wasn’t used to the decloak timer so I had to try 3-4 times to prime my mod and lock the drake, I got him! The falcon landed and started jamming the drake and sleepers while the loki warped in.  We didn’t get the pod, but we killed the drake, the loki did about 24k damage, I did just under 5k and the falcon put on 2-3k.  It was the first time, literally in years that I’ve tackled and killed anyone, it was very exciting.

I’m quite pleased with how the group works together on comms, they seem to understand each others directions very well, and know when to “shit up comms” and when to be quiet and take orders.  They also seem to hunt a lot, so I’m sure I’ll have many more stories to tell in the comoing weeks and months as I learn to pvp and live in dangerous unknown parts of space…


TL:DR I heard people killed stuff, I killed stuff, I tackled and killed stuff.  It was a good day.

Monday, October 28, 2013

EVE Online The Second Decade Unboxed!

That's right I got one!!! Its awesome and teh in game items are great! Along with the implant to get a golden pod in game, you get some clothing items, a special version of teh Amarr Magnate Frigate, and several collector's items to commemorate teh winners of the alliance tournaments as well as some pieces of history like key to the first player station ever created, lost sovereignty bills, and more!

You can find my unboxing video on youtbe here:


I got a 2nd decade collector's edition box set and its AWESOME!!!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

First Fleet

My first fleet, well sort of....

I had planned an op for saturday night before podside only to find out that another FC had done so as well.  Being that he had indeed scheduled his op before I had posted I asked if I could be teh back-up FC which worked out well.  In fact is a good thing I was there because the Cyno pilots nad black ops battleship pilot he had arranged for did not show up.  So I got to fill both roles and drop our fleet on the target, which was disposed of fairly easily, although we did lose 2 or 3 ships to our opponents.  What's the old saying? "you can't make an omelet without cracking a few eggs".  We accomplished the strategic objective , however, and managed to get on another easy kill before docking up.

I bridged a fleet and they killed stuff! \O/ WOOHOO!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Becoming an FC, The Journey Begins

That’s where I’m at now.  I have signed up for the FC program in LI3.  Without giving to much away, I plan to chronicle my journey.  This first post will be some info on how LI3F fleet training works, and my experience with FC-ing and being a fleet member in EVE thus far.

LI3F’s FC Program:
As far as I can tell, I get to start on the bottom rung.  When accepted as an FC Fleets I take out will be covered by Alliance SRP if the ships flown are small.  As I progress up the FC ranks the SRP will cover larger and larger ships, and my FC ships will be covered at a higher percentage until the ship, my clone, and some implants will all be eligible for SRP.
Fleet Experience:
LOL not much… with my main Min, from fall 2009 until summer 2012 when I joined MPX I had been on one kill, a Brutix fflown by Volatile Power, he had can flipped me and my 2 corp mates and I killed him.  The only other kill I had been a part of was an itty 3 I killed with an alt after some corp mates and I went can flipping ourselves.  I didn’t have a point, and my wolf killed him in 3 volleys before my fleet could arrive to join in.  281 days ago I also killed a random pod that apparently had set autopilot to low sec, where I found it,  but hadn’t set destination to a station so it was 13km off a gate. (1337PVP \O/ not my proudest moment by any stretch of the imagination)
Since joining MPX I’ve been on some CFC flees and joined in on more kill mails, but haven’t done any solo work.  I’ve sort of been in charge of some ratting/mining fleets but that hardly counts as FC work.

I’m gonna become an FC! And I don’t know what I’m doing!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mapping Out a CSM Candidacy:

Mapping Out a CSM Candidacy:
Step 1: Develop Platform
Improving Customer Relations:
Improving Nullsec
New Player Experience
Saving High sec
Dust 514
Rebalancing Risk Vs. Reward
Step 2: Meta-gaming/prep
Step 3: Announcement
Step 4: Campaigning, Forum Maintenance and communication
Step 5: Celebrate Victory or continue to work for the community in defeat

Step 1: Platform
Improving Customer Relations:
 I choose to discuss this issue because I feel that many players are dissatisfied with their experiences with EVE-Online Customer Service, also known as the petition process.  I believe that many of the complaints arise from a lack of understanding of, and a lack of clarity of the petition process.  Most players seem to feel that their experiences are largely decided by which GM they deal with and less about which solution is correct.
Improving Nullsec
Many residents of Nullsec desire change in the mechanics of sovereignty.  Several main factors effect sovereign alliances financially, ore/ice Mining, PVE, Moon Harvesting, PVP, Sovereignty bills, system maintenance.    Many solutions to fix the “Problems” of nullsec focus on the idea that large alliances and coalitions are currently able to hold “too much space”, and that mechanics should be altered so that there are areas of “no-mans-land” where new groups can come and test their metal without instantly being stomped or assimilated into an existing alliance/coalition. 
I agree with this viewpoint and believe that larger numbers of smaller populations dotting the landscape of eve would increase PVP opportunity and  grow the “isk sink” that is PVP warfare.  My solution would increase the opportunity for both PVE and PVP activity, bring income into the pockets of the line members and limit the size of space a single entity could claim, or would need to claim.
New Player Experience
After beginning my youtube series on tutorials for the new player experience I ran into two main problems.  First, I had a lack of RL financial funds to keep the project going, although, I do plan to return to the project shortly.  And secondly, and more importantly, boredom and the feeling that the tutorials are misleading in regards to what players can hope to experience in Mining/PVE/PVP/Scanning/Marketing/Fitting and other aspects of the game.  I propose that as a CSM I would work closely with CCP and the eve community to find improvements to the system, which would include, but not be limited to, the addition of podding and clone maintenance to the tutorial system.
Saving High sec
Many of those who run as candidates for CSM who decide to label themselves for a part of the game such as Nullsec, wormholes, lowsec, or faction warfare representatives tend to talk of high-sec as a bad place for simple people to live.  I believe that those who live in high sec do so for many reasons, other than as a place to hide from PVP-ers or to bot.  Some of the issues that face high sec are the war-dec mechanics,  mercenary work, and cash in-flows.  Simply put, the old war mechanics were broken, the new ones were broken in a different way, and CCP needs CSM members who can help field viable options from the populous as well as provide their own suggestions.  Mercenary work goes hand-in-hand with the concept of war decs.   As a CSM member I would work with leaders in the mercenary business, those few that are left or would like to return, as well as “victims” of mercenaries, to change the existing mechanics so that mercenary work was a viable option once again without it feeling like the victim is being griefed.
As a producer  and frequent contributor on the Podside Podcast I have had the fortunate to hear a lot about the upcoming release of Dust514.  I am excited about the addition of the game and hope it is successful.  I hope to work closely with the Dust community to  ensure that CCP hears their desires as well as working with eve players to make sure everything is balanced and fair, but most importantly fun.  The last thing I want is for eve players to feel that playing dust is a burden they must endure, or that it’s a financial burden they must pay to keep control over their experience if Eve.
Rebalancing Risk Vs. Reward
                I believe that pilots who put the most at risk should reap the most reward.  I do not, however, necessarily think that High-sec activities should be nerferd,.  Quite the opposite, I think null-sec activities should be more rewarding and exclusive. It is possible to use a faction battleship, a carrier, or a super-carrier in the same types of sites and make equal amounts of isk/salavage/loot in the same amount of time.  This is should not be the case.  There are many instances where in high, low, and null where activities are not properly balanced within their respective  security levels not to mention when compared to different security ranges (ie high vs low, low vs null).  This is not only the case for PVE activities such as ratting, but true for ore/ice/moon mining and exploration.

Step 2: Meta-gaming and Prep
You can find me in eve as Daehan Minhyok,
 facebook as Daehan Minhyok,
twitter as @Daehan_minhyok
youtube as Minhyok1

Step 3:Announcment
You’re reading it!

Step 4: Campaign, forum Maintenance and communication
You have been experiencing it covertly whilst reading this J

Step 5: Celebrate Victory or continue to work for the community in defeat
Stay Tuned!!!

I’m a man with a plan and I want you to vote for me in the CSM 8elections.