Sunday, February 23, 2014

Becoming a Space Tuber

Moving In:

I have recently decided to switch corps in EVE and have Joined Resurrection Ventures of Un.Bound alliance.  So far its been pretty good.  My first 3 days all consisted of pvp which was a great introduction for someone wanting to learn pvp better.  The first day I raced 27 jumps to get to the new group who had just tackled an archon on a high-sec hole in  ac2.  Although I got there before the entrance collapsed it was crit and the Bhalgorn that was there was needed more, when it jumped in the hole collapsed.  I was able to listen to most of the 1 hr 22min fight on comms.  The bhalgorn made it in about 45 minutes into the fight.  We killed the Archon, a 1b Legion, 2 domi’s, 2 augorors and several other ships, 9 in total, and only lost the bait deimos in our 5-7 man gang that was in the fight.

The next day one of our scouts found to covetors mining,  I moved into position and our scout got tackle on both.  Myself, a HIC and another dps ship dropped  we killed both miners and their pods, one of which was ~1b isk and the other 200-300m we also blew up 4-5 jet cans full of ore probably worth a bit as well. 

The third fight was the most intense for me.  I was heading to the home hole from highsec, which required going through a C2 which I had been told was inactive.  However, when I jumped in there was a drake on D-scan.  I was already in warp to the exit when I mentioned it on comms.  I was told they had just killed a drake there 30 minutes before hand and were surprised to hear there was another.  I jumped into the C4 on the other side and refit for cloaked warping.  There were only 2 combat sites on scan, the first had several wrecks and rats but no drake, the other had only sleepers.  I warped back to the first site.  After about 2-3 minutes the drake showed up.  By this time a corp mate in a falcon was ready to jump in from highsec, and a dps loki from the c4 was on the c4 side of the c2-c4 worm hole waiting to jumps.  I had the falcon come into the c2 and warp to the site where the empty site at 100, and I warped there as well.  I knew the drake was within 10 of the beacon for the combat site, so I warped back at 10km and had the falcon aligned.  When I landed the drake was 8700m away from me, I had the loki jump and hold cloak.  I declocked primed my disruptor and started locking.  The drake started to align.  I wasn’t used to the decloak timer so I had to try 3-4 times to prime my mod and lock the drake, I got him! The falcon landed and started jamming the drake and sleepers while the loki warped in.  We didn’t get the pod, but we killed the drake, the loki did about 24k damage, I did just under 5k and the falcon put on 2-3k.  It was the first time, literally in years that I’ve tackled and killed anyone, it was very exciting.

I’m quite pleased with how the group works together on comms, they seem to understand each others directions very well, and know when to “shit up comms” and when to be quiet and take orders.  They also seem to hunt a lot, so I’m sure I’ll have many more stories to tell in the comoing weeks and months as I learn to pvp and live in dangerous unknown parts of space…


TL:DR I heard people killed stuff, I killed stuff, I tackled and killed stuff.  It was a good day.