Monday, March 31, 2014

Spike the Guns!

I have joined Gallente Faction warfare and left the worm hole.  Having just moved inot a C5 a month ago this may come as a surprise.  However, the friends that pulled me into that corp left de to issues with the leasdership.  That story is a different one but I agree with their reasons for leaving and feel that it is sufficient evidence for me to leave as well.  After a brief period of looking I decided to try to join a corp led by fellow podcasters and community\y members, Kirith Kodachi of Broadcast from the Ninveah, Ashterothi of High Drag, and Marcel D. creator of the Aura app for android pones. 

I joined Aideron Robotics late on a Thursday night and had to immediately go to bed.  But my first weekend was a blast.  Frigates and destroyers are ship classes that I mostly overlooked in my Eve career.  This is mainly because I don’t pvp much, and because those two ship types aren’t  useful for very long in missions, especially if an older member of your corp is willing to take you along on level 2-4 missions.  But now that I’m in Faction Warfare (FW from here on)  it seems I will be almost exclusively flying these classes of ships.  This is great, as mastering these types of ships is essential for building a base in understanding PVP and reacting to situations.  Aideron Robotics does have corp fits of higher class of ships, however, for completing complexes in FW zones these are usually the best option due to the restrictions of the acceleration gates   Although I have previous dabbled in FW before, it was before the overhaul that occurred in Inferno, and I am enjoying learning about one of the last parts of eve I have not tried before.

TL:DR My walk about continues, I am out of the wormhole and into faction warfare \O/.