Sunday, November 6, 2011

The joke that ended it

Some readers may see that in addition to this blog  I also do a weekly podcast with Gigagoose (goose) and I'm Ducati (Duc).

We just recorded episode 14 today, and it ended on a bit of a sad not.

Dring recording Goose made a little "your mamma" joke at Duc's expense and Duc went crazy.

The podcast, though it will be edited ended with Duc saying, " F*#k you " and quitting out of teamspeak, the VOIP type client we  use to record and chat.

Not sure what exactly if Duc will cool off or be back next week, but time will tell.

Really? its not much to read, but anyway...
Goose mad a your mamma joke about Duc's mom, which apparently is a real big deal whwere Duc lives... oops

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